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WinStart Manager 2.7

WinStart Manager will let you manage which programs will run at start time
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WinStart Manager is a program that will let you manage which programs will run at start time.
You will be able to include new programs, deactivate or delete old ones, and change the order in which they are run. This way, you will be able to speed up the booting process, eliminating applications that you do not seriously need. And you can avoid to receive messages when you check for updates before being connected to the Internet, by performing these checks at the end of the boot process.

The program will detect which operating system you are using. But Windows 7 will be detected as Windows Vista. It will show you the content of the Startup, Registry and Win.ini file, for the current user, all users, or the computer. Each entry will be listed. By right-clicking on an entry, you will access a context menu that will let you view the properties of them, as well as renaming, running or deleting that entry. You can disable any entry by clicking on the box that is placed at the beginning of each of them.

When you have made all the changes you want to do, the system allows to shut down and reboot your system.

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